Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Preacher's Plan

I’ve been thinking about the pastor in Florida who is making a name for himself by planning to publicly burn the Islamic holy book, The Koran.

What an idiot. Does he think he is acting to honor his God? Does he think his God needs him to place a judgement on a human religious belief? Does he think…sorry…I misspoke! He doesn’t think at all. All he does is believe in the righteousness of his action, for his own purposes, and that is the quintessential problem of all fanatic believers; they don’t think beyond the selfish action of their martyrdom.

It is fair and a given to say that all believers believe that their God is all knowing and all-powerful. So, given that accommodation does God need a pulpit instigator in Florida to burn some religious books in order to make a statement that the Koran is less of a belief or truth than the Bible? Or does God need an Imam to say go and die for Islam and kill innocents? Good grief!

Where do we get these people and how do we ever give them the power to be the authority in the adjudication of spiritual beliefs? These types are dogmatists in all beliefs and fantasy fanatics on the fringe of all religions.

It is time for we individuals, the loved emanations of the Divine, to take back our spiritual power of belief through the knowing of our own experience. We do not need the dogma of Church or Mosque or Temple to establish our personal sacredness before the heavenly throne of a loving presence. We can use those structures as holy places to pray, but we do not need them or evangelists to pray for our salvation. We do not need exhortations or the damnations of absolutists to frighten us into compliance of man-made beliefs. We only need ourselves and the temple within us.

Too often we are ready to accept a well-spoken Priest or Preacher or Imam or Rabbi who says it better than we can even though he or she is way off from what we instinctively know as truth.

Do not support these charlatans. Believe in yourself and the goodness you are. Believe in your power to transform, believe in your grace to love unconditionally, and your tolerance to accept all spiritual beliefs and then you will be true to the God of your choice. If that fits within your chosen belief system, wonderful. If not, THINK!

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