Monday, September 20, 2010

Pentagon Buying books?

This information comes in part from two people on the internet and their various blogs. Jake Andrews and Mike Masnick.

To wit:

"The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is quite upset with a new book about the war in Afghanistan by an army reservist. Even though the Army approved the book, the DIA says that it did not approve the book and that it has too much confidential information.

In order to deal with that, the Pentagon has apparently agreed to buy up the 10,000 copies already printed in order to destroy them. A new version of the book, without the DIA-upsetting material will be printed later. Of course, this attempt at information destruction doesn't really seem to be working. The author has already talked about lots of stuff in the book, and review copies of the original book had already been sent to many press outlets."

The DIA, a government agency funded by our tax dollars is using tax dollars to buy up books that contains information about their questionable tactics in Afghanistan?

Good grief! What have we come too?

This is America where freedom of information is part of the First Amendment guarantees. It is the right of all. Is the next thing burning books that some government agency doesn’t like?

We allow this?

Where are our congressmen and women on this?

Where is the outrage from the public?

Where is the main stream media on this?

There was a time in our media conglomeration that this would have been front page news.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think you are one of the few in this country who is awake enough to notice what is going on.

Thank you for 'sounding the warning'!

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