Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Colors

The fall is beginning to be spectacular, but I fear it will end soon because of the hot summer. The colors started early and then the trees began to shed their garments and now there are brilliant patches of color, but nestled within many bare branches of winter.

Since I have been on a poetry kick the last few posts, I will continue with a newer version of:

Oak Sonnet

© 2010 Rolland G. Smith

The rusted Oaks still hold their foliage
While other trees have shed to silhouette!
Are leafy hoards, now dead, a sacrilege?
Or does the Oak hold leaves as amulet?
Soon Winter’s wind unlocks and leaves release
But still, we’ll not, know why, this is the way
For Oaks have always had a staying peace
That knowledge cannot change or castaway.
The Druids saw their Oaks as sacred trees
And to them prayed for guidance and support,
But that meant not they must release their leaves
To be the fall the way most trees abort.
The mighty Oaks and man are much the same.
When ready we release what we became.

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