Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Palin's Prophecy and Politics

I have not read her book (since it comes out today) and I may not, but I’ll think about it and eventually when somebody loans me a copy I will peruse it. But as yet, I’m not ready to fork over the dough to buy a copy of a "tell some, spin some and hold some back, as told to book".

Very few politicians of the past were able to write their memoirs without the help of a skilled writer. It is the way of the 20th and 21st century of casting a spin on what you want people to think and to believe and what you want to correct, in your opinion, as an inaccuracy.

Governor Palin has the right to engage a storyteller to tell her story.

Christie Whitman, former governor of New Jersey did it. President Jerry Ford did it. Many other leaders have done it before and will do it in the future and that’s fine.

But here's my “but”.

If this were truly her thoughts, her concession speech to America that she was not allowed to make; if these are her words, her feelings and emotions, her right of passage to a presidential candidacy, then I have to ask, why did she not write much of the book herself?  An as told "to" book is not the same as writing it yourself and having an accomplished editor clarify, punctuate and spell your words correctly.

If you are astute, aware, and intelligent enough to be the President of these United States, then you ought not need a ghostwriter to codify your hopes, your wishes, answer your critics and refute allegations of what was and then offer your expectations for a future America.

OK, I guess that pretty much puts me in the arena of not supporting Ms. Palin for President. That does not mean I don’t like her or her politics. It means I have a lot of questions to ask and she has a lot of answers to give me before I think she is qualified to by my leader.


Gabi K said...

But I fear, she will only answer your questions with learned by heart phrases which won't become more true by repeating them again and again.

envirojoe60 said...

What makes a person who seemingly has such a superficial grasp of government, history, geography...maybe even education in general - so appealing to people? Why do people cleave to Sarah Palin, her message, her persona, what have you?

Is it the American belief that people are worthy no matter what proof? Or, is it that Americans want to believe in someone no matter what?

I think we are so desperate for answers - that no matter how right/wrong, Americans are eager to have an answer, an immediate answer.

envirojoe60 said...


Won't purchase the book...there are too many that I would rather read...alas I cannot let you borrow my copy. By the way...envirojoe60 is me....never blogged before...but thought I would respond to your post.

By the way you talked about a program in the past where people from around the world came to a conference to talk about issues and ideas - we need to have that again. Would be willing to work on that...in my spare time.

Topher08 said...

You are smart to save your money. Just watch Glenn Beck and Big Bill O’Reilly, as they will paraphrase it all for us as a "new found gospel for GOP."

I believe that both parties have become so inter-twined that both now espouse identical ethical ideologies. We as citizens should analyze their actions with great acumen, paying little attention to their words.

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