Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Did You Vote?

Good Morning All,

There are winners and loser this morning all across this grand land. Most are for local offices that garner very little publicity or even local attention. A special thank you must go to those who chose to run, but did not win. It's tough living in a Democracy.

Question: Did you vote yesterday?

If not, let me offer this post.

There are many reasons to vote and they have nothing to do with politics or propositions. They are memories for some and only names to others, but they are the truths of our democracy.

Andrew Allard and Amaziah Fassett killed in action -- Revolutionary war.

Mike Quinn, in a gray uniform. Philip Kearney, in blue -- killed in action, the civil war.

Emery Pike and John Pruett -- killed in action, world war one.

Robert Mccard and Joseph Merrell -- killed in action, world war two.

Darwin Kyle and Herbert Littleton -- killed in action, Korean War.

William Banfield and William Houston -- killed in action, Vietnam.

Marie Rossi and Damon Kanuha - killed in action, the gulf war.

And too many more names from Iraq and Afghanistan.

No more need be said.

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