Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thoughts on Power

I’ve been thinking about power recently what with the purported Wall Street antics and a change in Presidents coming up. There is a responsibility that goes with power for people, governments and businesses.

When used to oppress, to control without freedom and human rights, power is a negative condition called force and inevitably fails through the balancing principle of time and triumphant good.

When used to free the mind for other things besides survival, when used to feed and shelter the hungry and the homeless, power is nurturing and transforms. When used to encourage, to inspire the innate divine creativity within each human being, the gentle self limiting side of power is actualized and the world benefits.

Intent determines whether the use of power is positive or negative. Used for the greater good, power propels governments, business conglomerates or individuals out of their narrow image of self-interest into an expansive awareness of benevolent and global responsibility.

Power is energy, a radiating essence from the Source. It moves through us, as us. It is constantly available to all individuals as a catalyst to help define the creative self through appreciation and beauty in the manifestation of art, music, and literature.

All human beings have divine power, how they use it is optional. Those who actualize it on a personality level are said to be charismatic. Others choose to express their creative energy through service by responding instantaneously to the needs of humankind. Silent greatness is often the result.

Unlike people, governments do not have an innate, natural power, but each country if seen as a collective entity of its citizens does have an altruistic destiny determined by group incarnations within their alleged borders.

A collective positive energy is a distinct divine gift that includes sufficient power from its people to complete their destiny for the good of all. If a country does not respond to its positive side, to the inherent unselfish divine nature of its citizens, then the ability to complete its global mission passes to another country through the inevitable incarnation of enlightened leadership. Truth will have its expression one way or another. The Source is ever adaptive, adopting and changing and non-judgmental.

Governments, businesses and individuals who use their power for the greater good, create a vortextual renaissance that uplifts the human condition everywhere. Let us hold that thought and create the vision.

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Anonymous said...

insightful and thought provoking. Thank you for continuing to share!

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