Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Debate? I think not!

Did you watch last night’s gathering between Senators McCain and Obama? They billed it as a debate, but since very little debating took place, I am calling it a “gathering”.

Another name for it might be, “he said, he did”. If I were to design a debate discussion or disputation dialogue I would first eliminate the moderator. (I can’t believe I said that since I am broadcast journalist). And I would eliminate the audience.

I would have the two presidential protagonists sit close to one another and just let them talk to each other and to us about their vision for America. Besides being civil and courteous, the one rule would be no “he said, he did”. No attack, no finger pointing.

I want to hear their hopes for the future, not out of context accusations from the past. I want to be inspired, not mired in the morass of political speak. I want to hear how they hope to solve the great issues of our times. I want to know what sacrifices we all will have to make.

The candidates know what the predominate issues are. They know the concerns and the fears of the American people. They’ve been at this for over a year. Now talk to us. We’re smart enough to know you don’t know all the answers, but talk to us out of truth, be honest, be simple and be direct.

We’ve got difficult problems that need serious solutions. Most of us are tired of the bickering, the pork, the get mine attitude of government and Wall Street.

Let us feel the beat of your heart in direct words. Give us straight talk, not political or partisan poppycock and then each of you would truly be presidential and WE THE PEOPLE, would be energized, engaged and enthused and informed.

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Page Lambert said...

Straight talk, heart to heart, face to face, no filters, no hiding behind hype and histrionics. Posturing should belong to stray dogs who meet in the alley, not to the politicians who hold our future in their hands. Yes, I agree with you, Mr. Smith, Let's invite them to sit acrss from each other at America's dinner table, look each other in the eye, perhaps over a glass of wine - the kind the average American drinks - and talk to each other. Page Lambert.

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