Friday, October 10, 2008

Drains! Mine and the Nations

A chromium drainpipe under my kitchen sink corroded and disintegrated and I had to replace it. Water from the drain leaked all over the place. I discovered the corrosion as I tried to fix a leak by tightening a connecting nut. The pressure of my turning wrench severed the already weakened connection. Now I had a bigger problem. As I looked at it I wondered what it had to teach me about current life events, then I called a plumber.

The parallels are amazing. Like the damaged drain, a corroded economy allow stock spills to go all over the place and then be wiped up and tossed with no more value than a wet paper towel.

The corrosion catalysts in both my sink and the nation’s sink are similar. Ill conceived design and then flawed raw material combined with inherent defects created a weakened product which in turn destroyed the integrity of the pipe.

It’s similar on Wall Street. Ill conceived desire, flawed procedure and operational defects allowed corrosion of the system and stock savings leaked onto the trading floor to be wiped up and discarded as false values of personal portfolios.

The plumber came to my home. Congress came to wall street.

My drain works perfectly now and will probably do so for a number of years. I looked at the drain after the plumber left. It was neat, clean, and pristine. A simple solution. Then I thought of how difficult it seems to be to solve the fiscal drain in the plumbing of the American monetary system.

I think I know an answer and perhaps a solution. My drain leakage could be solved with a new, clean plastic pipe. That’s fairly simple if you know how to do it. The American monetary system is a little more complex because it has several components my pipes did not have. Emotion, fear, and greed, without them we’d probably have a nice new clean pipe in which to flow our commerce.

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