Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Truth is Tough

We don’t think too much about integrity these days. Integrity is assumed to be a learned and an ingrained condition of adulthood. It is not. It is something that we acquire as we get older and something at which we have to work at or weigh consciously with every thought. It is more than that.

 It is a sacred component of our being.

Maybe it’s time for us to remember what we learned as children before the adult ego began its attempt to subvert the truth of the heart. We were told to tell the truth, don’t lie, play fair, share, say you’re sorry and be responsible.

It seems today that selective truth or half-truths are acceptable to get what one wants or not get what one doesn’t want. Bribery, lying, insinuation and all forms of corporate or governmental corruption come to mind.

Integrity has a lot of brother and sister principles in its immediate family: morality, ethics, virtue, justice, prudence, and even honor. The unique commonality about all of these things is that they are comprised of unenforceable values by which we choose to live.

It’s the choice that makes it tough, isn’t it?

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