Friday, July 28, 2017


Sound is one of those beneficial healing components in each of our lives.

Yes, it can be grating too, but that's called noise.  I'd like to talk about sound's positive nature.

Have you ever listened to the staccato opiate of Borodin’s masterpiece of the Polovtsian Dances?

How about the Beethoven’s 5th piano concerto, generally known as the Emperor Concerto. These are excellent examples of the melodic and healing qualities of sound.

Nature too is filled with instantaneous healing sounds. The Wind is one. It has two sides, but the calmer components we name with descriptive sounds; breeze, puffs and even Zephyr.

The gentle patter of rain is another. But the sound of running water is the softest and comforting. Sitting by a meandering mountain stream is not only mesmerizing, but it is also cathartic to the negative energy within the body and mind. The ocean sets up a rhythmic din that connects the soul to the universe, to the music of the spheres and the DNA of life.

Water is the sustainer of life. It is no wonder that it’s sound soothes, heals and enthuses joy.

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