Monday, December 5, 2016

Sunday thoughts

I am writing this on Sunday. You will read this on a Monday morning or later.

Sunday, for me, is always a day of reflection. Yesterday I thought about my granddaughter's birthday. It was Sunday, and I sent her a note along with gifts that her parents gave her during a family celebration. She reached a milestone number yesterday. Sixteen.

When I was sixteen Ike was president. The Edsel was Ford’s new offering to the motoring public. Steve Allan was hosting the Tonight Show. American Bandstand with Dick Clark started.

Today, at sixteen, it is a whole new world. Social media connects to the entire world in seconds. Communication is instant, via email, Facebook, Twitter and so much more. In 1957, if you wanted to call across the country or around the world it took lengthy routing from ATT and money.

Yesterday I lit a fire at my home and put in several logs to burn for the afternoon. Those logs were older that both my grand-daughter and me put together and then some. The light and heat they released in my fireplace came from the sun of over a hundred years ago. We need to think about those things.

My grand-daughter won’t realize the warmth and light connection for many years to come if she ever does, but I do. Everything is interconnected, whether it’s a log in a fireplace or the DNA of friends, families or even enemies. The miracle is not the oneness; it is the difference within the oneness.

Until humankind realizes the inter-connection of all things we will have contention and conflict.

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