Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Every so often a report comes out in some magazine or another about prayer and whether it works or not.

There was one report I read awhile back that prayer didn’t do any good in an experiment on healing. There have been other studies that suggest just the opposite. One comes from Dr. Larry Dossey, the author of Healing Words. He defines prayer as a "benevolent concern for the well-being of another", not necessarily attached to any dogma.

To some people, a prayer is connected to a religion via faith. To others, prayer is a placebo that makes one feel a momentary good with no effect on the physical body. To those who believe they have been healed or helped by prayer no explanation is necessary, to those who don't believe, no explanation is possible. No matter what your position, most experts agree that one should not forsake traditional medicine in the quest to be cured by alternative means.

Laughter is also a healer. Laughter may be a way to balance the disease imbalance within the body. Laughter is a conduit through which the intellect slips behind the illusion of the ego and into the knowing dimensions of awareness.

Laughing may be a gift to those who want instant access to that awareness to better understand and accept the experience called life.

There is an interesting footnote to laughter. It's the same in any culture. Try laughing in a different language.

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