Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Thought and more

With all the crap going on in the world, wars, jihadists, terrorists and a non-compromising Congress I think it’s important to look outside the conflicts and into a peaceful place comfort and safety.

Everyone has that place that they can go for just a brief respite from pain and propaganda. The young have it what we call imagination. The elderly have it what we call memory. It is those of us in the middle who must struggle a bit more to put aside the angst and anger and find a way away from the conflicts of life and perhaps even find a way to the peace we all seek. It is egos, prejudices and greed that keep so many of us locked into the circular path of conflict.

So on this day I am only going to think about forgiveness, but first of myself, for in order to start anew, I must first forgive myself of all harmful thoughts and actions I inflicted upon others. Only then can I truly forgive others for any harm I perceive to have received.

I try not to judge, but parsing my conversation I can see that I do. The evil of the world needs judgment and the hopeful majority needs to exit the individual safe and peaceful place in order to be the evidence of what we believe.

It may be more infectious that we expect.

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