Monday, December 30, 2013

More Shame on Congress

I’ve been critical of our do-nothing; obstruct everything, congress for most of 2013. I might as well have one last posting on their selfishness partisan action and non-action before 2014 comes in.

To leave for the Christmas holidays without approving an extended unemployment benefits package for over a million struggling Americans is unconscionable. In the whole scheme of things it is not that much to the federal budget, but it is life saving to so many that need it.

I don’t know when compassion left the United States Congress, but I suspect it started to ooze from their hearts when each of them felt the security of power and privilege when first elected.

Most, if not all, members of Congress have succumbed to the vale of comfort, a condition where one becomes inured to the suffering of a struggling electorate.

Congress might still approve the package if the republican majority and the tea-party obstructers feel a twinge of empathy, but I doubt it.

In the meantime look at the stories being told on your local news channels about those who lose benefits and how their families will suffer.

One does not abandoned a sacred responsibility for the welfare of the citizenry because they are opposed to the cost. Let each member of congress look at the pork spending in their own district or state and then look those who need the extra benefits in the eye and say we can’t afford it.


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