Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Waving Leaves

We had two very windy days in my area a couple of days ago. It was pleasure to watch the wind in the trees surrounding my home. Gusts were thirty plus MPH.

My house sits high on a ridge about five stories above a meadow. The trees below the ridge line are either lower than the many windows of my home or we view the tree’s foliage in the middle of the tree.

The view was especially poignant during the  wind gusts.

Waving Leaves
© 2013 Rolland G. Smith

I watched the roiling waves of green
Devoid of shore and sandy scene.
They rolled and tumbled with the wind
In ebb and flow, advance, rescind.

The graceful waves are from the breeze
That moves the leaves among the trees
Just like the ocean’s waves on shore
My gaze is wanting, wanting more.

But here there is no tidal force
It’s just the wind in blowing course.
It moves in gusts of rhythmic dance
And holds my sight long past a glance.

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