Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yesterday I was busy in New York City with some other issues and I was not paying attention to the news and what’s happening in the world, in my country and in my region.

When I got home I looked at the headlines and the lead lines of the major stories.

WOW or whoa!

Moscow has a problem. Someone, probably a terrorists or a clandestine organization indiscriminately, deliberately, murdered 35 people and injured so many others in a bomb at the Moscow International Airport.  The injuries were global. The bomb was placed at the International Arrivals building. When you kill or maim a foreign national you hurt dozens and dozens of others in families, and in the work environments all over the world.

I often ask myself, in the attempt to have a spiritual understanding of this world, where do these disgruntled souls come from and why? How could they believe in such a narrow ideology that dismisses the demise of so many as collateral damage in the pursuit of a religious or territorial cause?

The next headline I read was that the Appellate Court in Illinois rejected Rahm Emanuel’s right to be on the Chicago mayoral ballot. My first thought was Chicago politics. So was my second thought. As I understand it, the court rejected his right to run for mayor because he has spent the last two years in Washington and therefore is not a resident? I believe he is a long time resident of Windy City and should be eligible to run.

Come on…! That’s idiocy. That’s politics as legislated from the court and that is not what the courts are supposed to do. I hope Emanuel's appeal for a stay of the ruling wins.

The third headline I read was about Jared Loughner in court today in Phoenix. The court entered a plea of not guilty in the attempted murder from the Tucson shootings. The six murder charges have yet to be sent down by the grand jury. Why? I can’t imagine.

I know this is treading on sacred judicial territory, but how logically can the courts submit a plea of not guilty when everyone knows he is guilty?

Isn’t there some other plea that makes more sense?

I stopped reading the headlines after that. I’ll resume tomorrow.

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