Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Have you ever tried to empty yourself of thought? It’s not easy to do since thoughts move through what we call our mind at an astounding rate.

There are those in the Eastern regions of our world who are seemingly able in meditation to empty their minds at will and then embrace the collective font of awareness and become enlightened if just for a short time of personal experience.

I’ve tried it dozens of times and only get as far as leveling the pile of thoughts to just the brim of my mind. I’ve tried to dump or release all the mental images and clogging stuff that overflowed in that moment, and just when I thought I could shove all of it down a mental drain and become empty, everything I thought I forgot welled up from the past: people, events, promises, responsibilities, actions and fears, popped into the crucible of thought and filled the mind again.

There goes enlightenment, I think to myself. See, another thought!

And then, as I try to empty the new thoughts that poured in, I have another thought. I realize that emptying is a futile process and that emptiness of mind or emptying the mind is an illusion that disguises the fact that we are already enlightened. We just have to remember that we are.

My logic is that if All That Is created us to experience the All-Self through the duality of existence as us, then we are already enlightened by virtue of being part of All That Is. We just have to remember we live with a cluttered creative mind, not within it. My suggestion then is for us to experience ourselves in the grandest vision we can imagine and see what happens to the world.

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