Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Count to a Trillion? Impossible!

Some numbers for thought, if we can think that far.

The United States National Debt Clock as of August 20th 2008 is $9,610,188,550,946.94. The estimated population of our country is 304,572,762 so the per person share of this debt is $31,553.01 and our National Debt continues to increase an average of $1.85 billion a day.

For most of us it's difficult to fathom what a trillion dollars really is.

Sure it's a million millions, or a thousand billions, but beyond that it is hard to understand what a trillion is except to say that's a lot of money.

If we look at it another way the understanding of the amount becomes mind boggling.

If someone started counting seconds, like one...two....three, the moment that Jesus Christ was born that person would be up to just over sixty five billion seconds now.

That is six point five percent of trillion.

It takes thirty one thousand seven hundred years to count to a trillion seconds.

That is three hundred and seventeen centuries and we are only in the very beginning of the 21st century. Somebody, maybe Congress, ought to count a lot faster for as of today we are just over 9 and a half trillion dollars in debt.

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