Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Some thoughts today on the week of middle America rain.
Flooding and destruction brings out numerous emotions in people.
There is understandable fear. Predictable panic. Tears. And the silent sorrow as the living wait for word of a missing loved one or for a body to mourn. People have died, some swept away by raging waters.
There are the questions of why and blame. Weeping with anger at God or circumstance, when the bottom of your heart and home is gone, is only a momentary relief.
Feeling compassion and comfort through the actions of others provides a greater comfort.
We watched the images of loss. We watched the rescues, the outstretched hands of help, and even hugs of understanding for those in shock and disbelief.
We saw horror and heroes.
We saw confusion and complaints.
But in this natural tragedy, we continue to see the greater gift of America. Visual and generous examples of community, cooperation and concern for others. What a gift.

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