Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cancer Diagnosis

Some more thoughts on the entrapment of Cancer.

A wonderful friend of mine recently told me of cancer in her family and asked I not tell anyone. I understand and respect that request and I would also offer another way to think about it to all who go through the announcement of Cancer. Cancer affects all of us. It is a disease that seems to be the common denominator of all of us these days. I share some experiential truths in dealing with this insidious disease that have worked for me and my family.

Illness always gives new meaning to each life. Granted, what I am suggesting may not work for all, but for some it will help. First of all, talk about your feelings and fears. Ask the tough questions to the doctors and then hear and hear and hear the answers and do not hold back your fears to the one diagnosed and especially let them talk about their fears, and worries and things they want to say. Yes, it is tough, and it is freeing in the long run.

If the diagnosis is terminal, even though it's couched in possibilities, talk about that too. Denial is detrimental to the understanding of life and for its closure. Have truth in all conversation, for it is the pathway to internal peace for those who are dealing with the possible ending of their lives. Saying what is true does not mean giving up the fight, it means fighting what you know with knowledge and understanding. Honesty starts the physical and spiritual healing process.

Rejoice when you can. Laugh when you can, dance when you can and know that it’s OK to cry.


If it's a child it so much harder, but be honest.
If it's a spouse it is equally so, but be open and share worries and fears and listen.
If it's a parent, be strong, be truthful, and listen and listen some more
If it's you, listen only to your heart. It will tell you where you are and what you need to do.

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