Monday, January 23, 2017

The Trump Presidency

I’ve stayed away from posting for several days to absorb the events as Donald Trump assumed the presidency.

Most of you know, who read this blog, he was not my choice to run our country.

I will leave it at that but reserve the right to observe, assess, discern and comment as Mr. Trump progresses as our 45th President. It is the responsibility of every citizen to do just that, but most don’t. If you are for him, then hold him to account for the promises that convinced you to vote for him. If you are against him hold him to account for the rules and laws that keep our Constitution sacred and secure.

To the press. This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, for an adversarial relationship between those who govern and the journalist's responsibility to speak reason to power.

The author of our Constitution, Thomas Jefferson, was so angry at an adversarial press that he refused to talk with them and for a time spoke only to a friendly press that supported him. Perhaps a history lesson to the current press corps. Even though Jefferson was angry, he never wavered in the necessity of a free press. Columnist Walter Lippmann once added, “The theory is that the truth will emerge from free reporting and free access, not that it will be presented perfectly or instantaneously in any one account.”

So here we go into 2017. Let us resolve not to speak in anger. Not to judge without facts. Not to condemn without compassion. Not to divide our nation with the cement of partisan politics and not to see the other without the right to have an opinion. Let us also remember there is a higher power that is aware of our free will and loves us unconditionally.

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