Monday, September 19, 2016

He's back...

I have been unpublished for a couple of weeks as I have been reflective on the current global condition and the American political situation.

Actually, I think I’ve been trying to escape the ignorant hoards of “my candidate right or wrong, my candidate.” Blind followers who refuse to discern between fiction and truth, who ignore uncivilized insults, rude innuendo, lies and blatant distortions.

I went to the woods of northern Ontario to a pristine place of pastoral lakes, hiking trails, bike paths and gourmet cuisine. In my wilderness meditations, I rekindled a truth I’d always believed. “The world does not have to be rational. It has only to be experienced.”

I have a renewed trust in the Divine Plan. The experience of this election cycle, for all of us, has loosed latent prejudices long lodged in the crevices of the heart. Self-inspection of our fears is a must to reactivate the trust and comfort we all seek. It is a cleansing and a realization that fear is addictive. The Divine Plan will always surpass the little wills of humankind.

The Red Chair
©2016 Rolland G. Smith

I spent some time not long ago
Within the woods of primal time.
The wind was there, soft, to and fro,
As was the chill of northern clime.

But in the chair of red, was peace.
I took some time to think and pray.
What came to me was a release
From straining thoughts that come each day.

The chair of red sustains a grace
For tuning into something else,
That’s not at home, but in this place,
And now it’s mine. It’s what I felt.

This is a chair that does divine
The solace that the spirit seeks.
By water’s edge as I recline
I see life’s truth where I can peek.

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