Monday, May 14, 2012


I believe it as Emerson who wrote, and I am paraphrasing here, how mankind would wonder if the stars appeared only once in a thousand years.

It is still spring where I live and I have watched the slow emergence of leafy green over the past several weeks to its fullness of splendor. I wonder too how today’s humankind would marvel if all the green in our spring season, on all the trees and plants and flowers should appear all at once. Wow! What an explosion of color that would be.

I’d have to ask an artist, but I think there are more shades of green than there are any other color, maybe blue comes in a close second, but green is my choice.

Think of all the vegetables and fruits and trees that we enjoy and their various colors of green.
I once wrote a poem entitled, “Ode to Green” that seems to work with my current thinking.

“There’s leaf green and grass green.
There’s dark green and light green,
Evergreen and pea green.
And all shades in-between.
Clover green, a dream green.
When leafs of four convene.
Olive green, forest green,
Pale green emerald green
Shamrock green and thumb green
And the green of green bean.
There is sateen green
Of nature’s scene terrene,
The greenest ever seen,
When Erin’s land serene
Comes “wearin’ o’ the green.”

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