Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stepping Stone Sky

Claude Charlebois is a friend of mine. He is a renowned Canadian photographer and is working on a project called “Tonal Visions”. It is a blending of photography and poetry. The poetry is from the late Maestro and Mentor Dr. Kenneth George Mills of Toronto and the world.

Claude travels the globe creating unique photos of his own, but also captures the scenic wonder of nature when he sees it.

I could not resist the words that flowed from my heart when I saw the attached Charlebois photo, a consideration from his recent trip to the American southwest. I have entitled the sonnet “Stepping Stone Sky”.

Stepping Stone Sky
©2008 Rolland G. Smith

They float upon the blue of heaven’s floor
Above the desert dry and highway street;
These steps of mystic mist that gods adore
When walking top the clouds in soft bare feet.
Dissolve they do for spirits quickly pass
Attending to their realms and duties held.
Then Gaia in her nature smooths the path
And gathers mists together in a meld.
From this she makes another downy cloud
Where spirits rest before the morning bright.
For soon they rush to gather and unshroud
The human pleas from prayers before God’s light.
All this is from a photo of the sky.
And spirit’s grace commands I say, “Oh My”!

Good morning All...and thank you Claude.

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